Black and White Leibstandarte-SS Service Uniforms.

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These uniforms are as close as genuine you get!

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With the close of the 20th century, two world wars and countles regional conflicts have spawned tremendous varuety in military uniforms. Few, by comparison, rival the magnificence of the black SS uniform. Absolutely spendid in design and sharply tailored, it may well be the most globally recognized uniform of the 20th century. Ironically though, the vast majority of SS personnel were never issued or wore the black uniform, which, in the eyes of the outside world, would come to epitomize this feared and elite organization. The black service made its initial appearance in 1932. In 1948, the Dutch psychologist Dr. A.F.G. van Hoesel, published a report of his interviews with 450 Dutch men who were former members of the SS. Among the reasons listed as underlying motivations to join the SS, was the wearing of the prestigious SS uniform. One officer from the 5. SS Wiking division commented that it was rather remarkable that the SS black uniform could change the entire countenace of man by hardening and defining the facial features.

All are in size "Large" and "Extra-Large", you can give us your size after our reply to you.
Large approx: Chest 111cm(44"),Waist 91cm(36")  Extra-Large: XL=Chest 116cm(46"),Waist 96cm(38"). All uniforms are adjustable often with waist belt(both on tunic and trousers) and ankle cord, so normally you can adjust it pretty much to fit!
100% perfect "LSSAH" black wool uniform! Rank, SS-Sturmbannführer.
100% perfect Reichführer-SS H. Himmler uniform in Black wool.
100% perfect "LSSAH" white wool uniform! Rank, SS-Obersturmbannführer.